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I was born in the Philippines and finished a BA in the Humanities, with a major in Art History in 1981.  After college, I took graduate credits in Anthropology. I also worked as a research assistant for the University of the Philippines Film Center. In 1982, I was awarded a scholarship to study Cinema Direct at the Ateliers Varan in Paris. My family eventually moved to New York, where I studied film.

I started working in advertising in 1986. I was a Type Director for 12 years. While working on Madison Avenue, I was lucky to work a few blocks away from the main New York Public Library and Morgan Library where I spent my lunch breaks. I was a member of the Typophiles and American Printing History Association where I also met a lot of librarians. While working in advertising, I also volunteered as a docent at the Southstreet Seaport Museum’s Bowne & Company Printing Museum. I decided to transition out of advertising in 1995, enrolling in the MLS program at Pratt Institute. Back then, my interest was in arts and museum librarianship. A difficult pregnancy, then a move overseas for my husband’s work prompted a leave and a shift in priorities. Since 1997, I have been a full time mother and home maker, living in Germany and England until our move back to the United States in 2003.

My life experience the last few years has enhanced, not diminished, my enjoyment of learning. Since moving to Bergen County, I have been an active volunteer for TIC TOC ( a non-profit art docent organization, as well as a volunteer in my son’s school libraries. It was this experience with school libraries that shifted my interest from arts librarianship to school librarianship and literacy. The K-12 library/media specialist program is a vast landscape that is very interesting to me. As a volunteer in a K-8 private school, I was quite impressed with how the librarian shifted gears for every class level she taught from grade school to 8th grade, while managing the many obligations her role required and the needs of the library. This made me well aware of how much I needed to learn. It is both with excitement and motivation that I have decided to go back to school to study school librarianship.

Our household consists of my husband and I, our son, and two very-well adored poodle mutts. We enjoy gardening, and have quite a lovely fig tree that bears very sweet fruit that the birds often enjoy ahead of us. I like non fiction books, and currently reading A Perfect Red by Amy Butler Greenfield. I am bilingual with Tagalog and English. I took Spanish, Japanese and Indonesian in college, had to learn German while living in Frankfurt and learned a little French while on scholarship in Paris. Aside from languages, I am interested in etymology. I collect pop-up books; listen to classical and global music; cook everything with garlic; love to travel with a long wish list of places to visit.

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