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Search strategies and evaluation criteria

Search strategies: I began my search using Titlewave to get an idea of sources available in its system. I then compared this with what’s available in BCCLS and IRIS systems. I used Google and its Wonder Wheel and Timeline tools to survey what’s available in the internet. I was able to locate the Center for Media Studies, UNESCO’s Information and Media Literacy website, NCTE website on media literacy, as well as various links to both academic and non-academic websites through this search engine. I searched Amazon which had new titles not available in Titlewave and other libraries. I used the AASL website and Jersey  Clicks to look for appropriate essays and articles. I kept track of the authors I liked and searched for more works by these authors. I also searched TL magazine, Eduweek,  SLJ, and organizations like ISTE and ACM. Though my search strategy was focused on pertinent key words, serendipity played a role in this research process that allowed me to follow links that were thought-provoking, interesting and eventually useful. I was able to amass a lot of sources which needed to be evaluated and narrowed down.

Evaluation Criteria: Quality, usability, date and scholarship are points I used in my evaluation of sources. I decided to define “current” as from 2007-2009. I chose print sources that can be tied in with, or supported by digital sources.

  • Scope: I chose sources that can be viewed with several lenses (educational, socio-political, cultural and can also be linked with a broad range of topics like curriculum use, application, metacognition, semiotics, entertainment, science and economics.
  • Range: I chose sources that school media specialists and other educators can use for professional development and be able to apply, or connect to learners from kindergarten to high school.
  • Viewpoint: I included micro and macro viewpoints. These sources give basic and domestic (local classrooms and American) viewpoints as well as global, as documented by organizations like the United Nation’s Alliance on Civilizations.

Pathfinder Goal
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Media Literacy

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